High Risk Holdings Review

June 9, 2022

High Risk Holdings is a merchant account provider specializing in payment solutions for businesses with a card-not-present setting. According to its website, it is a leading company for high-risk and e-commerce industries. It provides end-to-end solutions through three tiers: payment processing services, user interface, and API software.

Below is an overview of merchant services offered by High Risk Holdings:

  • Merchant accounts
  • Payment gateway and virtual terminal
  • Payment processing for credit cards, debit cards, and e-checks
  • Payment processing for e-commerce and mail order/telephone order merchants
  • Multi-currency payment processing
  • Recurring billing and subscriptions
  • E-commerce integrations
  • Fraud and chargeback prevention tools


High Risk Holdings Merchant Services

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

High Risk Holdings provides high-risk businesses with a merchant account to help streamline their payment services. The company starts by studying a merchant’s business requirements before proposing a customized solution to their needs. It takes care of the entire process from application to integration to account maintenance.

Payment Gateway and Virtual Terminal

High Risk Holdings can help merchants set up a payment gateway on their e-commerce store or website. Once integrated, merchants can start processing payments.

For merchants with mail and telephone orders, the payment gateway is connected to a virtual terminal. It is a web-based application that allows them to accept electronic payments from customers. It also allows them to view transactions in real-time. Merchants can access it via computer or phone.

Payment Processing

With a payment gateway, merchants can process all types of payment transactions. It accepts the following payment methods from customers:

  • Credit card payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover
  • ACH payments and e-checks

This service applies to local and international customers. Merchants can accept different currencies and global credit and debit cards.

E-commerce Integrations

The company’s payment solutions and services are easily integrated into existing e-commerce platforms and shopping cart solutions. This includes 3dcart, BigCommerce, Magneto, Shopify, Shopsite, Volusion, Wix, and WooCommerce. Merchants can also integrate via API software.

Apart from shopping carts, the company’s system is also compatible with QuickBooks. This application offers business and financial management tools like accounting, budgeting, inventory, invoicing, and payroll, to name a few.

Merchants will also have access to other customizable features like recurring billing schemes, transaction history, management tools, comprehensive reports, and more.

Chargeback Prevent and Fraud Protection

High Risk Holdings’ system is PCI-compliant, which means all security standards are met. It also has security measures in place to help merchants in instances of fraud or stolen customer data. It can spot potential fraudulent activities and prevent them from pushing through. It also provides 3D Secure for online payments.

To prevent cases of chargeback, High Risk Holdings helps merchants by assessing transactions before processing. Additionally, its system includes steps to confirm a customer’s order and credit card information.


High Risk Holdings Fees, Rates, and Pricing

Processing Fees

High Risk Holdings does not include its payment structures on its website. However, it does mention its partnership with banks and other payment companies as an advantage in customizing the best rates for high-risk businesses.

Additional Fees

Similarly, the company does not disclose additional charges like monthly fees, early termination fees, gateway ways, and the like. Interested merchants should discuss these possible charges with the company.

Hidden Charges

High Risk Holdings does not seem to have a reputation for charging hidden fees. As mentioned, you should discuss pricing terms in detail to prevent this from happening.


High Risk Holdings Complaints

As of this writing, there are no merchant complaints or negative reviews published online for High Risk Holdings.

Rip Off Reports

There are no reports of feeling ripped off or scammed by the company.

Other Complaints

Similarly, there are no other complaints against the company.


High Risk Holdings BBB Rating

High Risk Holdings does not have accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

BBB Reviews

It does not have any BBB reviews, nor does it have a BBB profile page.


Is High Risk Holdings Legitimate?

High Risk Holdings is a legitimate company with over 25 years of experience. According to its website, its managing partners are Denise Dallas and Fiona Walshe. The rest of its team is composed of Certified Payment Professionals with extensive knowledge of the fintech industry. Its headquarters are in California.


There are no reports of scams or fraud involving High Risk Holdings.


Furthermore, there don’t seem to be any lawsuits or legal complaints against the company.


High Risk Holdings Customer Reviews

The High Risk Holdings website includes testimonials from merchants. They laud the company for taking a personal approach to understanding their business and providing tailor-fit solutions. Apart from the website, the company does not have any merchant reviews. However, it is featured on one independent review site with a 5-star rating. The rate is based on its clean track record and legitimacy.



Overall, High Risk Holdings seems to be a reliable merchant account provider for high-risk businesses. It has a vast assortment of payment solutions and services as detailed on its website. Although its customer reviews are limited, its 25-year experience proves its credibility. That said, interested merchants should directly contact the company to further discuss any concerns.

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