Psbill Merchant Accounts Review – Merchant Services for Credit Repair

General Information is a company that offers payment and gateway solution for businesses. They provide their software in the form of an Internet Virtual Terminal, or in other words, a method of integration, as well as support for many different types of credit cards like Visa, ACH, MasterCard, etc. They also have support for mobile phones and mobile platforms, advanced fraud protection, electronic invoicing, and member management. They claim that they have pretty low rates and also accept high-risk merchant accounts. You can get processed once or more times.


  • Processing Credit Cards – A merchant without credit card acceptance has lower sales than those that do have them. Not only that but also credit card customers usually buy impulsively, and they are more likely to spend money. Having the ability to process credit cards increases the number of sales a merchant might have.
  • Solutions for E-commerce – Having a simple and easy incorporation of payment services are a great plus in our book. They claim to be able to add their payment service to existing websites or new ones easily and also compatible with all kinds of shopping carts.
  • High-risk solutions for merchants – They approve businesses that are high-risk even if your credit is bad and poor, giving a chance to merchants who are having trouble with their business to get out of said trouble.
  • ACH Processing and Electronic payment – By using ACH processing, merchants can accept money electronically from a savings or checking account. This makes it easier for merchants to accept money transfers from various sources.

Conclusion was a reputable and legitimate company a few years ago. In 2012 however, it seemed there were some problems, and their website had to be shut down. This left clients wondering where their money went and what’s going to happen next. They contacted customer support in the hopes of getting answers, and they did – but these answers were always the same: “You will get your money back soon”. The money didn’t return and shortly after that and the website went down. There was no way for clients to communicate with the company and everyone was furious at the development of these events.

People were unsatisfied with the service and some simply had to deal with the fact that their money was gone. And this wasn’t a small amount of money; several people lost a lot more than what you might think. This influenced the development of their business in a negative way, and some didn’t even come back after this. The company operates today and there seem to be no negative reports from then, but we can’t simply overlook what happened. Unfortunately, this little scandal had a significant impact on the trustworthiness of the company and people aren’t visiting them as they did before. They might be operating without scams and frauds at the moment, but who’s to say they won’t do what they did again? We recommend caution if you want to conduct business with them, but for the moment, they seem legit.

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