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Review of Regularpay

RegularPay is a PSP or payment service provider that has been serving customers that has been around for eight years. Their offer high quality service while gaining trust from their customers at the same time. They pffer excellent merchant accounts catered specifically to gambling and Forex.


There are a lot of amazing features offered by the company. These include:

  • Immediate response from their customer service.
  • Offering the best services possible at all times.
  • A positive attitude to partners and clients.
  • No concealed charges or hidden fees in their offerings.
  • Offerings are affordable.
  • Plenty of acquiring banks and important partners with solutions for all business models.

User Friendly and Safety

RegularPay’s website is very user-friendly. It’s easy to read and simple to use. They’ll provide you with their API documentation on integration stage as a guide. Their payment gateway is highly secured thanks to its skilled web development team. There are a number of handy tools and security features that ensures safety in payment transactions. RegularPay claims to upgrade their payment gate regularly, so expect the very best and latestfrom them.


Here are some good reasons why RegularPay is preferred by clients:

  • Full support on each and every step of integration.
  • Safe and anti-fraud system packed  with 3-D security.
  • Market competitive offerings and pricing.
  • First-rate security level payment gateway.
  • Prompt and easy integration of technical solutions.
  • Affiliation with trusted banks and partners.
  • In-house web designers, programmers, senior management team, account managers and staff have years of payment processing experience.


While RegularPay has more than eight years of experience and is trusted by many, there are some cons to take note of. First of off, the company doesn’t used HTTP Security. This means communications done through its website isn’t fully encrypted.

While they seem to be trustworthy enough for many, it always pays to do online transactions with a website armed with HTTPS capabilities. This ensures information won’t be intercepted by an unauthorized party.


In their eight years of experience, RegularPay managed to get positive reviews and feedbacks from customers, enabling them to be one of the best PSPs in the industry. This is why the conpany is your perfect option if you want to settle for a merchant account for gambling and Forex.

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