securcharge fraudlent credit card processing? Review – Payment Processing Warning

General Information

WARNING: While we don’t have evidence that securcharge is fraudulent, we heed to take some warning. One of our businesses had a brush in with them in the past. The sales rep was very friendly but lied twice about two things. First, they lied about the type of account (it was indeed an AGG not a direct as promised). Secondly, they sent us to the company CWBpay stole monies whether it be from an account blowing up or straight up fraud. We asked about Cwbpay and if they were paying merchants and securcharge mentioned they had several merchants with them already and they were receiving timely payouts. This was indeed a lie and when we complained, securcharge blocked our rep over Skype. With all this data, we would suggest to take great warning with securcharge and recognize that both resellers and PSP’s can lie to you. If you catch someone or a company in a lie the best thing to do is run.

Background are specialized consultants about payment processing that help out high volume merchants in the hopes of establishing some dedicated merchant facilities with single or multiple offshore or domestic banks in partnership with Surcharge. They claim to be able to achieve this by leveraging their partners that number more than 20 banks and service providers that span more than 6 Visa regions. Their directors are experienced in their job, with having more than ten years of experience and they claim to be able to find a solution for any needs the client might have.

Reasons for choosing mentions that they will be able to help merchants that have had trouble in the past regarding payment providers and that they offer services which are higher in quality than the rest. Customer support is also friendly, and they will make time to help you in any way they can. Usually, the time it takes to contact clients after they applied is around 24 hours, which is great as it lowers the amount of time the client has to wait.


These are all mentioned on their website and considering there haven’t been any negative reports; it might be certain that everything is truthful.

  • Payments for Credit Cards, eCheck, and ACH.
  • Reporting and advanced statistics made available by
  • Around the clock customer support
  • Modern transaction screening
  • Support for many currencies
  • Accounts for all over the world (offshore, onshore, and international)

State-of-the-art anti-scam and anti-fraud security services
They also claim to accept all kinds of merchants with various businesses. They are as follows:

  • Travelling merchant
  • Tobacco and cigarette merchant
  • Pharmacy merchant
  • Gaming, Luck games, Poker merchant
  • Escorting, Dating and Adult business merchant

Extra Features

They claim there is no capped volume on their site; EU incorporation is unnecessary, and there is 24hour support. They also have the most modern anti-fraud protection for most major credit cards; the E-mail address is necessary as well as confirmation of transactions and a High-Risk country block.


As far as legitimacy is concerned, this website is legit. We haven’t run into any negative reports or issues with them, and that tells us that everything mentioned on their site is true. Around the clock support is a huge plus as customers and clients don’t have to wait long for a potential problem to be resolved. Many different benefits and fraud protection are available and clients don’t have to worry about their money being stolen. They have a good record of being trustworthy and everything about their website seems to be correct. There aren’t any confusing parts, and as it stands right now, appears to be a good choice for clients. We based our review on the correctness of information on the website, as well as reports and complaints (there were none). As with every website of this type, we advise caution, however, regarding our investigation, they are legit.

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